Samed Sand Sea Resort: Waiting for you to visit and touch the famous soft white sand on the most beautiful beach of Samed Island or Koh Samed, Sai Kaew Beach is a few steps away from your door. Located next to the beach, Samed Sand Sea Resort offers high quality Western-style wooden cottages with amenities for your stays and inspires you feeling of "True Nature". By our staffs' friendly services, your stays at Samed Sand Sea Resort will always be joyful, comfortable, safe and especially memorable.

At Samed Sand Sea Resort, we ensure that your stays will be convenient so we provide many room types that match your unique lifestyles. You know when your body sleep well, your mind becomes fresh, and that is simply our goal.

Family Beach Front What is it like to always have a bedtime story from a quiet sound of the sea at night? Or how does it feel to let the sun wake you up by the sea? You know they are so marvelous, and no doubt that you want to own those feelings. Family Beach Front rooms at Samed Sand Sea Resort are located right next to Sai Kaew Beach letting you own scenes of your sea.

Family House As you set your feet on Samed Island by our service, you become closer to nature. These gorgeous cottages are surrounded by various plants and flowers that welcome you, along with your family, to enjoy the sea, which is a few steps away from your door.

Deluxe Room (Behind Siding House) Adventurers always stop by Samed Island year-round to experience the meanings of this emerald island. Deluxe room is a convenient room to travel from the resort to destinations around the island. Just a minute walk to the beach and a few steps to Samed Island Visitor Center, adventurers will definitely love to stay.